Tuesday, December 30, 2008

"Hey, Don't be That Guy."

Have you ever had a friend or loved one respond to a certain action by saying "Don't be that guy"? Well, you probably didn't know exactly which "guy" they were talking about. It's a common misconception that "that guy" is just some fictional template of doucheocity that all other douche-like actions are judged by. Well, that's half true.

"That Guy" is a pretty big douche, but he isn't as fictional as you think. In fact, whenever your friends tell you, "don't be that guy" they mean me. Yep, this is the personal blog of "that guy." You know, the guy who only works out about twice a month, but makes a point of telling you exactly when he's doing it. Or that guy who makes a point of playing the three songs he knows on acoustic guitar whenever you're within earshot. But mostly, I'm that guy who sits around and plays video games for about six hours a day and swears he'll get a job eventually.

So this blog is comprised entirely of my rants related to my interests as being "that guy." There's more to come, I swear.

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