Sunday, February 1, 2009

About the Game

I watched it, you watched it and even your mom watched it. Trust me on that last one, I was with her.

I'm talking, of course, about The Super Bowl. While I wouldn't usually blog about an American football game, seeing as I primarily talk about nerd topics, this one was just too damn good not to.

As a Minnesota Vikings fan, I really couldn't care less about the two teams involved, although one of my best friends is a Steelers fan, so I found myself rooting for them but only in a half hearted kind of way. I have to say, American football is best watched when you don't have an emotional connection to either team because you're able to appreciate good play regardless of who benefits without having your heart broken.

But even though I ultimately was rooting for Pittsburg, I have to admit, after Larry Fitzgerald's massive touchdown catch that put the Cards ahead by three with 2:30 remaining in the game, I couldn't help but do my Benadict Arnold impression and switch sides. When you see an underdog team pull off a comeback that remarkable, you can't help but have their back.

Ultimately, I'm not mad that Big Ben and the Steelers have immortalized themselves as the greatest team in NFL history. I'm actually really happy for them, although I do kind of feel bad for Larry Fitzgerald and Kurt Warner. Well, Fitzgerald mostly 'cause Warner has enough hardware already.

So, to the hard-fighting underdog Arizona Cardinals I dedicate this terrible visual pun:

Best of luck next year, and I hope you get as far as the NFC Championship game where you are beaten by a slim margin by the Minnesota Vikings.

-That Guy

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